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  Using the Internet

communityuk wordle the internet 136x84The Internet can be a daunting place for anyone, let alone those who are using it for the first time!

What is a Web Browser and how do you use one? What's a URL or a Web Address? How do you use Email? What's an "Attachment"?

These are all questions that need answering, along with many more, if you are to get the very best out of the wonderful world of the Internet.

Fortunately there is help at hand!

There is a huge range of FREE help, courses and informaton available both on-line and in your local area to help you learn everything you need to become a real internet guru and we have brought it all together here in one place.

Just scroll down the page and you will find a wealth of information and resources to help you become a real internet Guru!

  Getting Started
Benefits for Beginners - An excellent guide for beginners from GO-ON UK which will certainly inspire you to get started on your internet journey! download 100x25
Computer Basics - A fantastic range of videos and guides from BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
Internet Basics - BBC Webswise does it again!  All the basics you need to use the internet.  visitwebsite 100x25
Getting Started Course - A fantastic, comprehensive and easy-peasy online course from UK Online Centres to get you started using the internet. visitwebsite 100x25
Using Email - Another set of videos and guides from BBC Webwise will have you emailing in not time! visitwebsite 100x25
Email with Dick and Harry - Practise sending emails and other email functionality in Email with Dick and Harry. Developed by BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
Email & Skype - Free and easy to follow guides from Digital Unite. visitwebsite 100x25 
  Finding Things
Searching the Internet - With this BBC Webwise guide, you will soon be able to find anything on the net! visitwebsite 100x25
Internet Search Challenge - Test you new skills with this online challenge from BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
 Sharing Personal Information
Registering on a Website - Learn all you need to know about registering your details on a website with BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
Shopping Online Basics - You'll soon be hunting down and bagging those online bargains with these videos and guides from BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
Social Media Basics - A comprehensive range of informational guides and videos from BBC Webwise. visitwebsite 100x25
My Web My Way - This BBC website provides accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability. visitwebsite 100x25
Adapting your Computer - Do you need help making your computer to use?  This site from Ability.net will look at the many ways you can make your keyboard and mouse, Windows, the internet and your favourite applications suit you and your needs. visitwebsite 100x25
Accessibility Tools to help you or others - Resources from Go On Gold to help you or someone else get the most from digital technology. visitwebsite 100x25

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