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   Getting Connected with CommunityUK

we are a superconnected community

Wherever your Community may be, whether it is large or small, CommunityUK can make access to the wonderful and important world of the Internet so much easier and more affordable for you and we can do it NOW!
We are currently working with Cities, Towns, Villages, Community Groups, Social Housing Providers and more all over the UK towards bringing the CommunityUK initiative to as many locations and people as possible, as quickly as we can.
And don't worry.  When CommunityUK comes to your community, we will be there with you through the whole of the journey.

We will design and build you a state of the art, high speed WiFi Broadband Network and we will bring in the high speed broadband connections required to "power" it. 

We will also will provide a range of services ranging from a COMPLETELY FREE basic level of internet access (up to 2mbps Download), up to a blistering 30mbps download speeds for only £15.99 per month, depending on location.  Our Internet Connection Services, subject to location, are:-
Download Speed* Upload Speed* Download Limit** Cost Per Month
Up To 2Mbps Up To 256Kbps  Unlimited FREE
Up To 4Mbps Up To 512Kbps  Unlimited £3.99 
Up To 8Mbps

Up To 512Kbps

 Unlimited £7.99 
Up To 15Mbps Up To 1.5Mbps  Unlimited £10.99 
Up To 30Mbps Up To 1.5Mbps  Unlimited £15.99 

And don't forget - NONE of our services require users to have any form of Telphone, TV or Cable Connection and we do NOT demand a Contract***

   Where can I connect?

cuk network map buttonIf you are viewing this page on a computer connected to a different network or in a different location, we need to establish that we can get you connected to the CommunityUK WiFi network.

CommunityUK are currently live in Hampshire and Kent and will be rolling out to Cities, Towns and Villages across the UK in the coming months.  Just Click HERE to view our live, Network Status Map where you will see our current networks across the UK.  Just click on one of the networks to expand the view and see all of the Hotspots in that area.

For a general overview of our proposed coverage zones and roll-out progress please keep in touch in our CommunityUK News BLOG.

  How do I connect?

communityuk free wifi broadbandTo get you connected to one of our WiFi Hotspots, please follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Confirm that your computer or device has WiFi and it is enabled.

If you do not know how to do this, check the manual you received with your computer/device or visit the manufacturerers Website.

2) Look for the CommunityUK WiFi Signal and connect to our network.

If you do not know how to do this, please check the manual you received with your computer/device or visit the manufacturerers Website.

If Step 2 is OK you should see one or several CommunityUK WiFi Signals (known as an SSID) which look something like this "CUK-WLN2-06-2-1" in your Wireless Network settings.  If you do, just click on the strongest one and you will be automatically connected,  

If Step 2 doesn't work, it could be that you're outside the current 'live zone' or that your signal is too weak and you need additional equipment to get connected.  No problem, either email us at connectme@communityuk.net with your name, address and contact details or call Technical Support on 0330 122 4650 for help.  For additional equipment see below or visit our online shop at www.cukshop.com.

3) Log onto the network

Once WiFi connectivity is set up, all you have to do is open your Internet Browser and try to visit any web page.  You will then be automatically redirected to our Network Login and Registration page.

If you have already registered through this portal, just use the same Username & Password to connect.   If registering for the first time, just follow the process to completion and all you will need to do is login in each time you visit from then on.

Please remember when registering, the username you choose will also be your FREE CUKmail email address so choose carefully!

Once you are logged in, you will be taken straight to your local CommunityUK Web Portal and from there to anywhere on the Internet you want to go!!

  How do I upgrade to a faster Service?

high speedWe are currently offering 'up to' 2mb for FREE, however, should you wish faster speeds we offer a range of services as described above.

Please check on the Network Status Map for the Speeds available in the area you are in.  Then click the icon on the left  and follow the instructions.

Once purchased, you upgrade is normally applied within 24hrs.

   Need additional equipment to connect?

cukshop button photoMost modern laptop and netbook computers are WiFi enabled, but desk top PC's tend not to be.

If your device isn't or if the signal you are receiving is not strong enough, we have a range of Hi Power equipment equipment from Dongles to WiFi Access points starting from as little as £15.  To see our range of equipment, visit our CUKshop by clicking on the icon on the left.

Home installations can also be arranged with prices from £40 for a home visit to install and configure equipment on your computer to c£200 for a fully installed, high quality Wifi external connection that is hard-wired into your property. 

For further information or to arrange a site survey, please email connectme@communityuk.net with your name, address and contact details, or call us on  0330 122 4650 - Select Option 2.


  Need more help?

help keyWiFi performance can be affected by a number of factors.

For example dense trees and tall buildings can impact on the signal as can your location, such as if you are in a block of flats, or there may be weakened signal strength along the extremities of our WiFi zones.

Fortunately, there are several ways of overcoming these issues and we will work with you to ensure that your surfing experience is the best possible.

If you are experiencing poor connectivity or sudden loss of connection, other technical problems, or just need some advice, our knowledgeable and friendly UK based Support Team will be only to happy to help you.  Just CLICK HERE to get the ball rolling!

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