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    What's in your Portal?
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Whether or not your Community has one of our Free WiFi Broadband Networks, it can and will benefit from our unique fully localised CommunityUK Community Networking Portal - The glue that will help bind your community together in the Internet age.
In Communities that are lucky enough to have our Free WiFi Broadband service available as well, their CommunityUK portal is always the first thing users see whenever they connect to the Internet.
So how will our portal help you to live a better life AND Contribute to your Community?
The CUK Portal has been carefully designed through consultation with both experts and communities in general to establish both what they need and what they want in an online community facility.  What we have now is the result of that and the new version that is currently under development and due for release mid 2013 is, well, better than ever.
Let's take a few moments to scroll through the page below and find out about all the CommunityUK Portal can offer you and your Community.
   CUKsocial - THE Place to meet your Friends, Colleagues and Customers

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A core part of the portal is our own Social Networking environment, CUKSocial.
Just like Facebook and others out there, users will be able to update their profiles and status', post comments, upload photos & videos, ask questions and even chat with each other online. In addition, you will also be able to connect with and contribute to your other Social Networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc., all without ever having to leave the portal.
There are also "Groups", our version of Facebook Pages, that enable individuals and organisations to create a great place (Private or Public) within the portal to discuss common interests, advertise events, market services and products, gain market intelligence and more.  Within a group, you can also create discussions, share photos, videos and other files & documents and even give it its own unique web URL!
We believe that CUKsocial is an integral component of our unique “Community Networking” concept and, as such, we intend it to be closely monitored and a genuinely safe, enjoyable and easy to use one that actually contributes to communities rather than, unlike others, being a place that is used for often unnecessary and even unpleasant forms of communication – You can be assured we will very responsive and take every step possible to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
Why not login or register above and have a look round CUKsocial now? 
   The Lifestyle Channel - Keeping you informed and Helping you live
Family with laptopIn our Lifestyle Channel you will find a whole range of localised news, information and events that

will keep you informed of everything that is going on in and around YOUR Community.

News and information is broken down into all the topics you might need, with sections such as Local News, Going Out, Education & Training, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Local Shopping, Parent & Child, House & Home, Entertainment & Activities, Computing & The Internet, Culture and more - All contributed to by local "e-Journalists", companies and organisations.

There is also our "National" Section that has some great content for everyone in CommunityUK!

There's "In the Kitchen" which provides a constant flow of new articles, recipes and Cooking Videos from great Chefs and Cooks from all over, together with a Customised and Google Search Engine that will enable you to find pretty much any recipe you like in a flash!

The others such as Crafts, Motoring, Sport, Money Matters and Health & Wellbeing all bring you great content from some fantastic Contributors including National Newspapers, Magazines and Websites. There's even a page of links to all the main online National Newspapers for your convenience!

And don't forget our "Community Directory" where you can quickly & easily find all the information you need about local service providers, community organisations, charities etc. - All with a couple of clicks!
   The Learning Channel - Because Education is the Key!
schoolgirl laptop hand upIf we are going to truly build communities that will grow and thrive sustainably long into the future, the education of our children has to be the bedrock on which they are built.
For children, research has shown that having consistent access to ­e‐Education/Learning systems can actually improve their GCSE results by 1-2 grades.  Imagine the impact of that on their future and that of CommunityUK!
More students able to go on to Higher Education and therefore,  more and more leaving education properly equipped and educated to make their lives a success in this constantly changing, modern world where CommunityUK MUST be equipped to compete with the world around us to be successful and sustainable.
For adults too, especially during trying times such as those we are experiencing now, the need for access to resources for Adult Education, providing real opportunity to re-­train and re-­‐cycle themselves and their skills and subsequently find employment via the Internet are all now an absolute must.
Our Learning Channel provides carefully customised and optimised Google Search facilities to bring you a huge and easily accessible of Educational websites and on-line learning resources.
Growing in size every day, Learning will provide your children with the quickest and most efficient way of finding educational support resources that are appropriate to their learning level across the Internet.
Also, there are directories that cater for ALL levels and ages of learner with content to help not just school and college students but also Parents, Adult Learners, Teachers and more.
This content, together with links/access to School Virtual Learning Environments and other online and classroom based learning opportunities, resources and content provides a real learning extravaganza that will genuinely make learning easier and more enjoyable AND rapidly increase ANY Learner's chances of success.
   The Careers Channel - Bringing the opportunities to you and you to the opportunities!
JohnnyJobseekeerWe have also built an innovative Careers and Employment Channel that provided local and other employers with the opportunity to rapidly and easily engage with both the local workforce and the local education community.

It's not just about Jobseekers searching for jobs or uploading CV's or Employers searching for candidates etc., although our Careers section offers ALL of those facilities and more.

The purpose of our Careers Channel is far deeper.  It is also there to ensure that the community, the Educators and local industry & commerce can and do work closely together to not only educate and develop a relevant and suitably skilled workforce for the future but, in doing so, ensure that real and sustainable career opportunities are there to match the skills and aspirations produced.

An example of how we achieve this is our unique “Showcase” Facility.

This provides Employers and Recruitment Agencies with a superb opportunity to not only tell the community who they are, what they do and even what it is like to work with them, but also to give information about the careers they offer and, very importantly, what educational qualifications and experience (if any) are required to embark on them.

Through these Showcase’s, the local community including schoolchildren and parents picking educational options and direction etc., are able to at last see just what career opportunities are actually available to them within or near their local area and what they need to learn to take advantage of the

They will also show the schools and colleges just what skills and subjects they need to be focusing on within their teaching curriculum to ensure they are in tune with the opportunities that are available around them.

We believe that, over time, this approach will facilitate the building of a steady and adjustable stream of well educated, relevant, competitive and sustainable skills entering the workplace within communities across CommunityUK – What we call “Community SkillFlow"©.

As a Jobseeker, you can create your own unique "Jobseeker Profile" too!

Tell potential employers and recruiters who you are, what you have to offer, what your career aspirations are, what type of role you are looking for and even provide links to your LinkedIn and other relevant Social accounts (inc. CUKSocial!).

   CUKVouchers - Looking for a bargain?  All the Discounts are here!
cukvouchers buttonWhether you are shopping for a new TV, going out to a restaurant, looking to stay in a Hotel or even booking a holiday, our great and easy to use online Discount Voucher system, CUKvouchers, will ensure you get a great deal.
Local and national companies from all over CommunityUK and beyond are increasingly using our system to promote Sales, Special offers and other discounts etc. to the members of CommunityUK and, with our soon to be launched fully mobile version, you will be able to check out the offers on the move to!
   The BIZ Directory - Find a Local Product or Service, Use it and Review it!
its the biz buttonWhatever type of service or company you are looking for, you will find it here in our Business Directory.
Whether you want your windows cleaned, your car serviced, your house decorated or need to find a local optician, pub or restaurant. it's all there for you in our easy to use directory.
Search by name, area, category or keywords and you will quickly find a local company to help you.
Users can even review companies they have done business with to help others make their choice too!
Businesses of any kind, can enter their details quickly and easily and get their products & services in front of thousands of CommunityUK users every day!
A basic listing is completely FREE or, from less than £1 a week, businesses can increase the impact of their listing by choosing from a range of options including, website links (inc QR Codes), pictures, overviews and detailed company descriptions, products & services and more!
Want to find a Company, Product or Service? - Click HERE now!
   Classifieds - Buy, Sell pretty much anything - and you can do it for FREE!
cukclassifieds headerWith CommunityUK Classifieds, users can buy and sell any item for FREE.  Buy or Sell Furniture, Pets, Washing Machines, Audio Visual, Computers, Beds, Cars, Motorcycles, Caravans, Boats or even advertise their house for sale, rent or council exchange; all at ZERO COST (without Images).
Looking to sell?  The process is extremely quick and easy and adverts can be online in minutes.
Looking to buy? Just select the section you want and then use our easy to use search function to quickly find any item locally or nationally in CommunityUK Classifieds!
   Just Ask and you shall be answered!
just ask wordle no urlEver had a question that you can't find an answer to? Need an opinion other than your own?  Want some advice or guidance but can't afford to pay for it?  Then you have come to the right place because all you have to do is - Just Ask!
CommunityUK's Question & Answer channel enables ANY registered user to ask a question and ANY registered User to provide an answer to it!
Share your knowledge, be an Expert.  Help other members of CommunityUK today.
Whatever the question, there's a category that covers it and the best answers are chosen by you, the members of CommunityUK!
Click HERE to visit Just Ask now!
   CUKmail - Our own fully featured FREE Webmail Service
cukmail buttonIn addition to all of the above, we provide a free CommunityUK webmail account for every registered user that can be accessed quickly and easily from within the portal.
Not just a simple email service, powerful CUKmail provides a range of useful functionality for our users including, an online diary system, address book, tasks and more.   You can even connect to and access your Facebook, Twitter and other Social Accounts from CUKmail!
Login or register above for your FREE "@cukmail.com" Email Address and don't forget - Your CUK Username is also your CUKmail address so choose well!!
   How to use the Internet AND SAFELY!

communityuk wordle the internetThe Internet can be a daunting place for anyone, let alone those who are using it for the first time!

What is a Web Browser and how do you use one? What's a URL or a Web Address? How do you use Email? What's an "Attachment"?

These are all questions that need answering, along with many more, if you are to get the very best out of the wonderful world of the Internet.

Also, whilst it is an incredible tool with so much to offer, it isn't always safe unless YOU help to make it that way!

Identity theft, fraud, cyber bullying and stalking are just a few of the problems and dangers we ALL have to be aware of.  

Most importantly, we need to know how to avoid, combat and beat these things.

Fortunately, there is a huge range of FREE help and informaton available both on-line and in your local area to help you learn everything you need to become a real AND SAFE internet guru and we have brought it all together on the CommunityUK Portal in one place!!  
Click HERE to visit our Portal Info page where you will find the links to our "How to use the Internet" and "Internet Safety" Channels.
   And last but NOT least!! - Our Friendly, UK Based Support service
help keyCommunityUK provides all of its users with quick and easy access to all the Help,  Support and Information you need to get the best from our services.

With our on-line Support Request Form, a constanly monitored Telephone Support Line with a UK based Support Team, a LIVE Network Status Map and Network Incident News Feed, we have all the tools you need to solve and fix any problem you may have quickly and easily.

Whether you are having issues with your WiFi Broadband connection or difficulties using the CommunityUK Portal or CUKshop, help is a Click or a Call away! - Just click HERE to find out more. 



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